When Luxor opened on October 15, 1993, the spectacular pyramid structure was the tallest building in Las Vegas. This was the time when the development of casinos in Las Vegas depended on themes that distinguished themselves from each other. Based on the theme of pirates and the second incarnation of MGM Grand (the original MGM Grand was what is now known as Bally’s), the hotel was all about movies, complete with a yellow brick road that guides visitors through the center of the casino floor. Luxor, as the name implies, relies on the ancient theme of Egypt to interest its guests. The replica of the Sphinx in front of the hotel, which doubles as porte-cochere, welcomes the visitors upon arrival. At one point there was even a Nile River ride, similar to what you might find at Epcot Center at Disney World.

Times and tastes change very quickly in Las Vegas, and today Luxor is undergoing a transformation that promises to bring more contemporary flavor and erase any sign that the hotel and the casino are 18 years old. The transformation began in 2006 with the renovation of the West Tower’s rooms and will continue until 2008. All 4047 rooms will be renovated upon completion of the renovation 바카라사이트.

Gone is the night club RA. It was one of the first big nightclubs in Las Vegas. Luxor is now home to the LAX Night Resort, a branch of the hot Los Angeles area. LAX is a modern, state-of-the-art nightclub covering two floors and 26,000 square feet. Since the opening of the club in August 2007, he has earned a reputation for being a famous break. There is also Noir Bar, a private bar for reservations required located inside the nightclub. An adjacent small bar will be opened soon so you can eat, drink and play in a unique place.

Although the Nile River cruise no longer exists, Luxor still has many entertainment shows. Comedian Carrot Top presents his unique and somewhat innovative form of entertainment for 6 nights a week. “Fantasia” for adults only offers singing, dancing and of course girls who are naked. One thing the entire family can enjoy is the speaker Ron Lucas and his clients who offer afternoon performances 6 days a week. In 2008, Luxor will be home to the production of Cirque du Soleil in the Las Vegas Strip. This production will work with wizard Chris Angel and will be housed in the theater formerly occupied by the Blue Man group.

MGM Mirage, the island’s parent company, is spending $ 300 million in an effort to make the hotel fit in with newer resorts and casinos in the sector. As the shift continues, there will certainly be new restaurants, bars, new night clubs and new entertainment options. While the theme of ancient Egypt slowly disappears during this renewal, it appears to be the only sign of the ancient Luxor that will remain the distinctive 30-storey Pyramid tower.

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